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Anybody else have a cat?

I think the cat might be getting sick. He keeps sneezing, and immediately afterward he'll sniffle for a moment, but other than that he seems perfectly normal. His breathing doesn't sound labored; there's no discharge from his nose or eyes; he's drinking his normal amount and his appetite is perfectly healthy; and so far today, at least, he has been running around gnawing on everything and terrorizing me just like he normally does.

He had an upper respiratory tract infection when we adopted him as a kitten. After a two-week course of penicillin it cleared up, and he was vaccinated againgst rhinotracheitis and calcivirus and all those nasty URI-causing bugs. I've been reading, however, that once they've had the disease, they are carriers for life and are susceptible to recurrences. The vaccine can apparently lighten the symptoms and result in a milder infection than would occur otherwise, but I'm still worried about him.

Most of what I've read insists that if he's been vaccinated and he only has the sniffles, it will probably clear up on its own in three to five days, provided no secondary bacterial infections occur. I'm just freaking out a bit because with the boyfriend back upstate, I have no car and therefore no means of taking him to the vet if his symptoms should worsen.

Damn it. I really hope it clears up on its own.

I'm not really in the holiday mood (I get to spend my day reading about mass spectrometry) but to everyone who is feeling festive and gets to attend fireworks tonight, happy Independence Day.


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Jul. 4th, 2007 04:38 pm (UTC)
My cat sometimes sneezes from time to time and seems to be otherwise okay. What's more worrying is that she's getting on in years...

I hope that your cat's sniffles are just to do with some sort of harmless allergy. Fingers crossed that he'll be back to normal soon!
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